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Meet Our Peeps


Clients & Friends of Naples Money Managers

Bob Cahners

Client Since 2015

Joan Weinberger

Client Since 1993

Gary & Carolyn Greenfield

Client Since 2002

Richard Etches

Client Since 1996

Cecily Lancit

Client Since 2010

Joe Vergo

Client Since 1993

Mana Holtz

Client Since 1994

Theresa Vergo

Client Since 2014

Roberta Patton

Client Since 1994

Connect Your Concerns With Our Solutions

tailer measuring a man's suite.

Are You Looking for a Personalized Blend of Portfolios?

Whether you need growth, income or both.  NMM has a personalized portfolio that will meet both your financial needs and ability to handle risk.

Discover "The Power of Mapato”

piggy bank in a lifepreserver.

Need Retirement Income Security? 

Vulnerable millionaires need predictable income without the risk of a 40% drop in the market.

Guaranteed Income

greenhouse in the winter.

Need Growth With Less Risk? Yes!

As you grow closer to retirement, you must grow to keep pace with inflation without risking your principal. But fear of loss may keep you from growing.

No Fear

Computer hacker in the dark.

Don’t Get Scammed!

Not just the elderly are getting scammed electronically and on the phone, all of us are all subject to professional scammers.

Rules to Remember

woman holding wallet with money flyout out of it.

Need to Spend Less?

Even if you have it, spend a little less. Small changes will cause your savings to pile up, it will become an addictive game.

Let’s Play

Overwhelmed father with daughter

Are You Financially Lost?

It is all about the trade-offs. Figure out what you need and what you want today in exchange for tomorrow’s financial security.

Get Back on Track

child holding money

Are You a Vulnerable Millionaire but Still Need Growth?

If a 40% drop in the market will change your life then maybe you want to take a second look before it is too late. 

Take that Look

worried man.

Are Annuities Scaring You?  

Annuities are not good for everyone, but some annuities are a perfect fit.

Does it fit?

fork and knife cutting a $10 bill.

Can you live off 2%?

Retiree’s and pre-retirees are trying to figure out how they can live a good life and not touch the principal. We can show you how.

Lets’ Double It

Button with future/start text.

Life Changing Events, Happy or Sad, Need Your Attention.

Selling your business, inheriting money or receiving a settlement may change your life.

Don’t Blow It

skeleton with glasses.

Waiting…How Long Should You Wait to Make a Change?  

Don’t wait for the next 40% drop. It could change your life forever! 

Stop Waiting

ticket dispenser

Do You Feel Like You’re Just a Number?

Be a face. Sounds like a false promise in today’s world.  An investment relationship is personal! 

Hear It and Believe It

woman with lots of shoes.

Would You Rather Talk About Buying Shoes or About Financial Plans? 

Believe it or not they are very similar. When the fit is right, you will know it.

Start Trying Them On

A homeless woman holding a cup.

Do You Fear Becoming a Bag Lady?

80% of women do. The fear of running out of money no matter how much they have or told that they will have enough, is real.

Ease That Fear

seniors woman rock climbing

Retired and Taking Too Much Risk to Get the Income You Need? 

Counting on growth from the stock market is not a solid plan. Prepared for a time when there is either no growth or worse.  

Find a Better Way

Angry man holding knife and fork.

Seniors are starving for income.  Are you?

You can live a good life and not touch the principal. It is possible, even probable.

Fill Your Plate

man with empty wallet

Does Your Paycheck Disappear?  

If you have it, you spend it. 

Fix It

chickens and eggs.

Producing Enough?

Your Foundation, Charitable Trust, or even your IRA have to meet distribution requirements.

Produce More, Double Your Income

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spending every penny of your paycheck
not spending every penny




$3 a day spent for a latte
over 30 years



$3 a day invested at 8%
over 30 years

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Start Early with Less
Start Late with More




Invests $2,000 a year
for 8 years



Invests $2,000 a year starting
9 years later

We’re here to help, Let us.

Talk to Us

Please feel free to contact us. We’re super happy to talk to you. Feel free to ask anything.

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Money Management

The Naples Money Managers offers money management in two different formats; Comprehensive Money Management & Selective Money Management.

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Financial Planning

Most of us would never think of taking a trip without a map and a destination in mind. Your financial plan is the road map to help smooth the journey to reach your financial destination.

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Annuity Management

For many, the management of the investments inside an annuity has gone unattended since its inception. The Naples Money Managers has an active department with years of experience dedicated to annuity management.

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The Newsroom

Video Podcasts, Articles, Kinkead's Korner and more.

May 10, 2021
Video Podcast
A weekly Video Podcast covering the news, finance and more.
April 26, 2021
Video Podcast
A weekly Video Podcast covering the news, finance and more.
April 28, 2021
Kinkead's Korner

One of my goals in this newsletter is to engage you with useful content and discussion regarding investment portfolio management. 

Ask yourself these three questions to reveal how portfolio literate you are:

  1. Are you investment portfolio savvy? Savvy means that you can articulate to a friend or colleague what the objective and results are for your portfolio?
  2. Was your investment strategy modified when you retired? Did you make significant changes to your portfolio when your career income ceased and you began to take meaningful income from your portfolio?
  3. Are you confident in your current investment strategy? Be real with the annual income that you desire regardless of the amount. In other words, find the right strategy to produce the income that you want to have in retirement. After all, that's why you spent all that time working!

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, you're in good shape. But if you said no, don't worry. Many people have had to reevaluate their priorities over the past year. I can help get you on the right track. And here are some articles that may help ... talk soon.

Success in all your efforts,


John Kinkead