Motivation and Educational Speaker Dawn Litchfield Brown

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She’s Dynamic…

Her extensive background in the media lends a quick wit and simplistic approach to complicated subjects. For 13 years she hosted Money Matters, a live call-in radio show. She anchored for ABC-TV’s Dollars and Sense and Fox-TV’s Financial Insighter.

She’s entertaining…

She has been a speaker at national conventions, service and church groups, charitable organizations, colleges, businesses, chambers of commerce, schools, and homeowners associations.

She’s Inspiring…

She entertains and educates her audiences with common sense and practical approaches to finance. She will keep your group interested and informed.

She’s Energetic…

Her talks and workshops are humorous and educational, strictly informative and NOT promotional. Workshops can be designed as fundraisers or for private groups in your home. She will custom design a speech or you may choose from her list of many topics.

Fees, if any, will be disclosed prior to booking.

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Speaking Engagement Topics


Be Active, Not Passive

Know when to take more control.

Your Mind, Your Money, Your Makeover

How to create a financial plan that is ``you`` and all you want to be.

From Diets and Budgets to Footloose and Fancy Free

    Letting go of your financial fears.

It's the Little Ducks

How the unfinished smallest of details can cause the most Havoc.

The Art of Options

Learn what they are, how they work, and how they can be a positive part of your portfolio.

Financial Flirting

Detecting financial fraud even in the best of neighborhoods.

My Crystal Ball is Broken

Ensure your lifestyle without guessing through a solid financial plan. See it, feel it, and live it.

Taxes, Taxes, Go Away!
I Want Returns

How to best design your investments to maximize the tax impact.

Women and Wall Street

My husband usually drives the car, but I do know how. A closer look at the day you may have to drive the car all the time and handle your finances too! Learn how to maneuver the pot holes and roadblocks.

Changing Roles of Women in Finance

An entertaining look back to the roles our Grandmothers played and how our roles change as life throws us the curves of death, divorce, and the significant other.

Smart Women Alone in the Vultures Circle

At some of our most vulnerable times, we are forced to make some of our biggest and life-changing decisions. Indecision, confusion, depression, guilt, and loneliness can leave even the most intelligent woman exposed to the vultures.

Weathering the Financial Storm

Like a large wave about to sweep us under, the so-called professionals bombard us with slick techniques to convince us to make financial decisions. Learn to know when your best interest is being put first.

Mapato Strategies

We take a complicated style of management and make it so easy that you can explain it to your friends. They will be in awe. This specific style of money management is designed to first, protect principal, second, create income and third, generate growth.

When the Fit is Right

Wouldn't you rather shop for shoes than for your financial plan? They are very much alike. After the plan is done, treat yourself to those shoes. Enjoy an entertaining look at how know when the financial plan is right for you.


Create Your Own Workshops

If you have five friends that have similar personal and financial issues, with our help you can have a private workshop in your home that will address those needs. In a preliminary meeting with you, we can design the topics for your custom workshop.