Our Mission is to provide personalized money management solutions for those who want,
“More income than bonds and growth with less risk than stocks.”



Wealth Management

The Naples Money Managers offers money management in two different formats; Comprehensive Money Management & Selective Money Management

Financial Planning

Most of us would never think of taking a trip without a map and a destination in mind. Your financial plan is the road map to help smooth the journey to reach your financial destination.


With The Naples Money Managers security and transparency are paramount.

Divorce Financial Analysis

When you sign your settlement agreement, do so with your eyes wide open, because the settlement you choose today will affect the rest of your life. We are here to help.

Annuity Investment Management

For many, the management of the investments inside an annuity has gone unattended since its inception. The Naples Money Managers has an active department with years of experience dedicated to annuity management.

Speaking Engagements

Dawn Litchield Brown's extensive background in the media lends a quick wit and simplistic approach to complicated subjects. For 13 years she hosted Money Matters, a live call-in radio show. She anchored for ABC-TV's Dollars and Sense and Fox-TV's Financial Insighter.


You Want Us if You...

  • Want a solid, conservative money manager who has a proven track record of performance in good markets and bad
  • Want a financial management company that puts its clients first
  • Want a firm which has been owned and operated by the same people for decades
  • Want a company that cares and gives back to the community
  • Want someone who will know your family’s finances
  • Desire a lifetime relationship with a financial advisor
  • Would like to work with someone who listens to your concerns and goals, translates them into comfortable strategies, and informs you every step of the way, while you maintain control

You Need Us if You...

  • No longer wish to manage your assets alone
  • Are facing a critical milestone in life
  • Are facing family disruption through divorce, death, or illness
  • Are planning imminent retirement
  • Are receiving an inheritance
  • Are selling property or a business
  • Are settling a lawsuit
  • Are inexperienced in managing significant sums of money
  • Need to be less vulnerable
  • Need a financial advisor to assist with tax, estate, insurance, investment and income issues


Since 1987 The Naples Money Managers has evolved to meet the needs of our clients.

There are those who want someone to act as the foreman for everything that encompasses their financial life. We are there through all of life’s financial challenges to assist them, protect their finances and safeguard their income stream. There are others who want someone to manage a specific part of their portfolio. We are there to provide them with an open architecture platform of financial managers from which to choose or to utilize one of our in-house management strategies there are those who need financial guidance. We are there to help navigate the transition.

  •     “Choosing an Investment Firm is like trying on shoes. The fit should be comfortable, affordable and meet your needs. When the fit is right, you’ll know it.”

    Dawn Litchfield Brown
  • “We promise Honesty Above All Else – Accessibility – Experience – Personalized Service – Calming Guidance.”

    Dennis Nelson