Our Philosopy

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Since the first day we opened the company in 1987*, we have been driven by the one thing that was missing in this industry, “Heart.” We want to be there for you as your life morphs and to always to provide you with individualized financial solutions, free from complicated lingo; and with investments that truly reflected your individual goals and tolerance for risk. We want to serve you and make doing business with us easy, in every way. We really do “Give a Hoot” if you achieve financial success. We believe a fee based compensations structure puts the advisor on the same side as you, our client. We encourage questions or concerns of any kind, as we believe that communication in good times and bad is essential not only to the success of your financial result, but also the overall building of trust in a relationship. Using the values of yesterday, we strive to meet your goals for today and tomorrow. It is our intent to ensure the money you have today will still be there and growing for tomorrow.


“The mission of the Naples Money Managers is to be there and productive for you, our clients, as long into your financial future as we are needed.”


Intent versus Action

“We judge ourselves by our intensions and judge others by their actions. We want to make sure that we narrow the gap between intent and action to the point where we are being judged by our actions which are our intentions.”


We will...

help achieve goals, as opposed to just choosing investments


We will...

manage risk, as opposed only to chasing higher returns


We will...

control taxes and investment costs since markets or interest rates cannot be controlled


We will...

monitor performance and revise strategies as necessary


The Owl Philosophy

One naturally associates wisdom and vision with an OWL, but many people don’t know that the OWL is the only animal on the earth that can turn its head 360 degrees.

It is imperative that whoever is dealing with your finances look at your financial life from all the angles and from many different perspectives. This Vision is very important, especially for those clients who come to us as they are going  through major life Transitions. Whether or not they are going through a transition, all clients want their financial professional to Look Out for them and to Protect whenever possible. Wisdom is often equated with Intelligence, an essential component when choosing an advisor.

Our Intelligence is well seasoned with experience, a life time of comprehensive financial planning and investment results in good markets and bad. Confidentiality is paramount in Finances. Financial confidentially goes hand in hand with family confidentiality. Knowledge of Family Secrets is essential to the family Master Financial Plan and those secrets must be Protected.   


*See Company History