Templates for Consistent Portfolio Results

From our weekly video update, here's my analogy on templates (at time code 6:55) and how they can enhance your portfolio.

We all remember using plastic or paper stencils at some point in our lives. Our children were encouraged to trace the letter or number stencil in order to produce an almost perfect replica.The results were always great because of the stencil's construction along with the ease of tracing.

Just like tracing a stencil to get the result that you are looking for, we use an overlay or proprietary "market" stencil to exact two very important results ... half the volatility (risk) of the market and a "double income" stream.

Does it really work? Take a look at my analogy in the video blog piece and then call me at (239) 261-4800 for a short, simple yet very powerful animated video highlighting our strategy.

NMM VLOG 6-15-2020

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