Portfolio Independence

Most investors enjoying retirement look for 2 specific results from their portfolio strategy ... reduced volatility (risk) and increased income. The best way to determine if your portfolio delivers these results is to compare its performance to a similar index like the DJIA. Go to 2:50 minutes in our weekly portfolio update video to see what I mean.

Portfolio managers should provide you with better than "the index" results. Our core objective with our Covered Call portfolio is to reduce volatility and provide above average income in retirement. As you can see in the video, year-to-date performance of the DJIA, as of June 26th, is down -12.34% while our portfolio delivered less volatility at down -4.24%. Also, year-over-year results provided the same results with the DJIA down -5.96% and our portfolio up +2.76%.

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6-29-2020 VLOG

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