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6-29-2020 VLOG

Most investors enjoying retirement look for 2 specific results from their portfolio strategy ... reduced volatility (risk) and increased income. The best way to determine if your portfolio delivers these results is to compare its performance to a similar index like the DJIA. Go to 2:50 minutes in our weekly portfolio update video to see what I mean.

Portfolio managers should provide you with better than "the index" results. Our core objective with our Covered Call portfolio is to reduce volatility and provide above average income in retirement. As you can see in the video, year-to-date...

VLOG June 22, 2020

There are basically two phases in the retirement life cycle ... accumulating sufficient assets to retire and then actually spending while protecting what you've accumulated.

My "mountain" analogy helps to explain the difference between accumulating and spending. Each of these phases requires two very different portfolio strategies. Take a look as we explain the difference between the phases at 11:15 minutes in this week's vlog.

Just as climbing tools and techniques to summit the mountain are very different than the tools and techniques to descend the mountain, so are these two phases of...

NMM VLOG 6-15-2020

From our weekly video update, here's my analogy on templates (at time code 6:55) and how they can enhance your portfolio.

We all remember using plastic or paper stencils at some point in our lives. Our children were encouraged to trace the letter or number stencil in order to produce an almost perfect replica.The results were always great because of the stencil's construction along with the ease of tracing.

Just like tracing a stencil to get the result that you are looking for, we use an overlay or proprietary "market" stencil to exact two very important results ... half the volatility (risk...

NMM VLOG 5/11/2020

Dennis Nelson, our Chief Investment Officer, shares his reasoning for buying Chevron Corporation (CVX), the 140 year old California based oil conglomerate.

Dennis has commented that the share price, the 5.5% dividend yield, and the the company's financial strength have all contributed to the purchase of the stock in the portfolio. Though first quarter 2020 earnings were up over a year ago, Michael K. Wirth, Chairman and CEO of Chevron, made this comment, "“Our company entered this crisis well positioned with a strong balance sheet, flexible capital program and low break even price. These...

NMM VLOG 5/4/2020

Aristocracy has been defined as a portion of society's upper or ruling class due to hereditary rank or title. During unprecedented market volatility it's smart to own a "dividend aristocrat" that brings with it extraordinary lineage in troubled times.

One company with such a bloodline is Abbott Laboratories (ABT) founded in 1888 by Dr. Wallace C. Abbott at the age of 30. During its 130+ year history, it has methodically built four powerhouse business units led by very talented and tenured individuals. With a market capitalization of $165 billion, this blue chip entity began paying a dividend...