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NMM 3/23/2020

This is not our first rodeo nor were we born last night! I did some research and discovered that for every market "crash" or "correction" there has been a very strong double digit return within months. In regard to the S&P 500 ...

1987 crash ... 1988 posts 16.8% gain

1994 crash ... 1995 posts 37.6% gain

2002 crash ... 2003 posts 28.7% gain

2008 crash ... 2009 posts 26.5% gain

2011 crash ... 2012 posts 16% gain

2018 crash ... 2019 posts 34.4% gain

2020 crash ... 2021 posts ??%

NMM VLOG 3/17/2020

Viruses have been around for ages, literally. However this rendition of influenza is transmitted exponentially. With that being said, we still see a silver lining in all this madness. Markets will come back, stores will be restocked, international travel will blossom and life will definitely go forward. So discussing today's market, here is Dennis Nelson, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer; Dawn Litchfield Brown, Co-Founder and Chief Planning Officer; Marcus Bickle, Trader/Associate Portfolio Manager and John Kinkead, Vice President of Wealth Management