Mapato Benefits


The Independent Spouse, Partner or the Young Adult

  • Allow he or she more control and independence over the Mapato income generated
  • Encourage learning and decision making on how to handle the income ie. spend it, invest it, etc.
  • Independently learn how to deal with money without constantly having to ask for financial assistance
  • Mapato may be set up in your name or trust name

Foundations or Charitable Trusts

If you have a Foundation or Charitable Trust there are various requirements regarding the cash you must either give away or take as income in order to maintain the IRS status.

  • Keep the core intact while allowing for a constant flow of cash
  • Help Foundation participants, often family members, learn how to best distribute the fixed amount of annual income
  • Prepare participants in how to handle over solicitation from charities looking for large gifts that might invade the core