Mapato Dividend Enhanced Portfolios

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The goal of MAPATO is to ensure the money you have today will still be there and growing for tomorrow. We utilize our management knowledge and skills to produce patient accumulation and preservation of assets to create the most income without limiting growth.


MAPATO: the patient accumulation of assets.
Defined in Swahili as income, profit, achievement, acquisition and enrichment

Mapato is a time tested money management platform that utilizes a combination of diversified investments and covered calls. Today’s investment environment is complex and volatile. Diligence can become a full time job for individual investors. Knowing how to strike balance between risk and reward while managing tax liability requires constant focus. The Naples Money Managers Mapato minimizes the effect of stock market volatility by providing a tailored strategy with income as the first priority and growth secondary. Let the power of Mapato and the wisdom and integrity of The Naples Money Managers allow you to focus on what is really important… enjoying life!

“With the values of yesterday, Mapato meets your needs
for today and tomorrow.”


Income generation as a bond alternative and effective tax management


Enrich and control financial family management


Improve control and predictability of investments, while providing lower volatility thereby mitigating risk. 


Profit generated from quality stocks enhanced by covered call and dividend income

Mapato is expertly designed and customizable to meet both personal and fiduciary requirements. It represents the Core of your portfolio, the money you may have designated to be there to cover everyday living expenses. A portfolio that will provide  income but still allow for moderate growth.  It is designed to offset about ½ of the risk one would have if they just owned stock.

Mapato is designed to meet a specific need, creating an element of independence, responsibility, stewardship and education. Mapato may also act as the Gatekeeper to establish financial boundaries in a sound predictable fashion, with grace and sincere consideration for:

  • Charities
  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Children, both young and mature
  • Spouses
  • Significant others
  • Partners and business partners

  •     “Choosing an Investment Firm is like trying on shoes. The fit should be comfortable, affordable and meet your needs. When the fit is right, you’ll know it.”

    Dawn Litchfield Brown
  • “We promise Honesty Above All Else – Accessibility – Experience – Personalized Service – Calming Guidance.”

    Dennis Nelson