Uncertainty Moves Markets

What do get when you take a price war in oil, the uncertainty of a virus, the Federal Reserve's emergency action to lower rates and an election year? The answer is a lot of emotion that is usually expressed as fear ... warranted or not!

Our strategy at The Naples Money Managers focuses on lowering portfolio volatility and increasing portfolio income. The mechanisms that execute this strategy are three-fold: 1.) the structure we use delivers additional cash at specific intervals along with stock dividends; 2.) big market pull-backs are opportunities to use this additional cash to buy stocks at lower more attractive prices; and 3.) parameters within the portfolio's structure forces us out of the market when a manager might become too greedy.

With 22 market corrections in the last 45 years or so, only 4 have slipped into a "bear market" (market prices going sideways for months) ... 1980, 1987, 2000 and 2007 and we have successfully navigated our clients through them! 

Success in all your efforts,


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John R. Kinkead

Vice President of Wealth Advisement