Bob Farrell's Top 10


I was hired as a Financial Consultant at Merrill Lynch in 1991. One of the greatest learning experiences there was listening to Bob Farrell on the "squawk box".

Throughout the Merrill's many offices were small speaker boxes that carried the daily analyst calls, educational topics, compliance updates and much, much more. It was a simple way to connect with the thousands of brokers of Merrill throughout the nation and the world.

A regular on the box was Bob Farrell, Merrill's Chief Stock Market Analyst, and famed institutional commentator. Along with other legends, Bob was a weekly visitor on the famed Friday night show "Wall $treet Week" with Louis Rukeyser.

Among many things that came from Bob's commentary was his "10 Timeless Rules". Though educated at Columbia in fundamental analysis, Bob became a famous market technician.

His rules are reproduced in the first article below. He had a great talent for simplifying the complex.   

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John R. Kinkead

Vice President of Wealth Advisement