Another ... Great Boom Ahead?

In 1993, as I took my seat on the airplane bound for New York, I looked again with amazement at Harry Dent's chart with his forecast of 30,000 for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) over the next 30 years. As a rookie financial consultant for Merrill Lynch and with the DJIA at 3750, I was stunned with Mr. Dent's prognostication on this popular market index.

Now, looking back of course, it's all a matter of history! Part of Mr. Dent's premise for this huge boom was the coming "spending wave" which he wrote about in the book, The Great Boom Ahead, Harry S. Dent,1993.

Where are we with today's markets? What will directly affect the DJIA (30 stocks) over the next decade and beyond? How about the "broader" markets like the S&P 500 (500 stocks)? Maybe, more importantly in the near term, how will the economy and the markets react to the 2020 politics.

A well-thought-out, structured, and tactical investment strategy may be key at this point. As to the future, maybe there's another great boom ahead?!

Success in all your efforts,


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John R. Kinkead

Vice President of Wealth Advisement