#1 Stock Market Indicator ... Just Look Around

Summers in Naples, FL are pretty quiet for the most part. Snowbirds have left for destinations up north and the palm-lined streets seem to empty with only minimal traffic. Knowing that 2020 has been such a unique year, I decided to leave the office this morning for a drive to get a real look at any economic activity here on June 2, 2020 and this is what I found ...

Traffic was unusually heavy for the summer (I realize that could be because of various factors). Parking lots at local, regional and national businesses showed signs of coming alive again with cars. I also saw that Rocco's Tacos in Mercato is open for business with obvious restrictions. Valet service at The Capital Grille was out and beginning to set up for their lunch service.

While many corporate buildings do display "For Lease" signs as evidence of the past two quarters of business downturn, I did see a multi-floor, class "A" office space building under frenzied construction. Every recession is followed by an uptick in economic activity and that's exactly what I saw.

Success in all your efforts,


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John R. Kinkead

Vice President of Wealth Advisement