Divorce Financial Analysis

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How Can CDFA Help?

You may be...

  • Afraid of losing your financial security
  • Willing to walk away from money or assets just to get through your divorce
  • Concerned with the present and not looking to the future

You will benefit by...

  • Understanding how the settlement will affect your future
  • Basing your decision on objective and accurate numbers – not emotion
  • Getting expert advice about your own financial needs
  • Gaining the confidence and self-assurance you need to manage your finances

You will receive...

  • Help determine the short and long-term financial impact of a proposed divorce settlement
  • Insight into the pros and cons of different settlement proposals
  • Personalized scenarios to illustrate the financial status, cash flow and net worth of both parties

You will understand...

  • Personal vs. marital property
  • Valuing and dividing property
  • Division of pensions
  • Alimony and child support
  • Splitting the house
  • Tax impact and solutions


“The settlement you choose today will affect the rest of your life.”
-Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Dawn Litchfield Brown


Should you hire an attorney?

Yes, the CDFA may assist the attorney, but may not give legal advice. A CDFA will complement an attorney’s expertise through detailed financial analyses and alternatives.

Can a CDFA act as a mediator?

The CDFA may be present to explain the calculations during mediation, attorney meetings, and in court.

How do you charge?

This is a fee-based service. A contract outlining the fee and services will be provided, following an initial one-hour complimentary consultation. While our preference is to be hired by the attorney, in many cases we are hired directly by the client.

  •     “Choosing an Investment Firm is like trying on shoes. The fit should be comfortable, affordable and meet your needs. When the fit is right, you’ll know it.”

    Dawn Litchfield Brown naplesmoneymanagers.com
  • “We promise Honesty Above All Else – Accessibility – Experience – Personalized Service – Calming Guidance.”

    Dennis Nelson naplesmoneymanagers.com