1987 Partners and Company History

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If one were to look up The Naples Money Managers today they would find that the company was established in 2010 as Naples Money Management. While this is accurate it minimizes the true history of the company and its principals. Our clients have enjoyed the same principals, philosophy and client profile since 1987 through several name changes. Each change had a specific purpose as is noted below.

The following is the history behind our statement of Wisdom & Vision since 1987



Litchfield Asset Management opened as, what we believe was, the first fee based company in Collier County, Florida. Fee services were relatively new at the time. To our knowledge and research there were no other fee based Registered Investment Advisory firms in the county.

  • Litchfield & Nelson Inc. was incorporated reflecting the two principals.
  • Litchfield, Nelson & Co. became the “Doing Business As” (DBA) to reflect that the company consisted of more than two principals. Subsequently those additional principals sold back their interest.


In this year the firm created it's first in-house money management portfolio, called Foundation 20 Plus (A  Covered Call Strategy). Two more strategies have been introduced since the inception culminating with the name change and launch of the Mapato Portfolios.


Naples Money Management, LLC. was formed to better reflect the services the company provides. This change essentially established a new company. Therefore, a search would show the companies story beginning in 2010 rather than 1987.


The principals of "The Naples Money Managers" purchased the building in Brown* & Nelson LLC, to house The Naples Money Managers. The building is called The Financial Center, The Naples Money Managers occupies a majority of the building.

*Brown is Litchfield’s married name.


"The Naples Money Managers" became the (DBA) for The Naples Money Management, LLC. This was done to reflect the growth strategy of bringing additional advisors and money managers into the firm.